The philosophy behind GRIMD

One factor that is often overlooked when it comes to evaluating grids is the technical skills required to setup and administrate the system. Often a grid of computers consists of a specialized hardware where a number of processors are connected via a dedicated internal bus to some shared piece of memory. These grids often require quite advanced technical skills to setup, install, and use. It is not feasible for a researcher to spend months or years of their time reading up on how to configure and use such a machine.

GRIMD was born to provide an easy and scalable method to set up calculations that cannot be executed on a single, though powerful, computer. GRIMD requires the addition of few lines only. 

How to collaborate with us

We use GRIMD for molecular dynamics, docking, genome analysis, and other projects. But many more things would be possible. If you are a programmer with spare time, or if you are scientist who thinks we can collaborate, please visit our website ( and contact us.